SPIE Photonics West is the world’s largest photonics technology event held every year in San Francisco in The Moscone Center. The event attracts thousands of scientists, engineers, industry executives for the most comprehensive technical conference and exhibition.


What is SPIE Photonics West?

SPIE Photonics West at Moscone Center
SPIE Photonics West at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA.

The event is extremely wide-ranging and features an exhibitor space, plus vast educational and collaboration opportunities.  SPIE Photonics West covers biophotonics for brain research and healthcare, but also lasers for research and advanced manufacturing, sensors, camera systems, optoelectronics, and core optical components that power today’s consumer products. The event also has ventured into augmented reality and virtual reality.

SPIE hosts around 25 top-flight technical forums, exhibitions and educational programs around the world each year. SPIE Photonics West ranks among the top five so it’s really considered the cream of the crop. It attracts several hundred of the world’s best companies in this sector.


Who Is Accumold In The World Of Photonics?

Accumold is the recognized world leader in not just photonics micro molding, but also emerging tech, medical tech, and microelectronics. We work with the most reputable OEMs, component designers, and engineers on the planet. It’s for this reason, we make ourselves available to SPIE Photonics West attendees and collaborators.

A fair amount of design breakthroughs you’ve heard about were originally conceived and created in our in-house DFM engineering team, but due to our well-known ability to protect our clients IP, you’ll never figure out who those clients are or what projects we helped on. Our in-house tech team ensures rigid IP standards and maintains tight security for this very reason.

There’s over an 80% probability one of the critical components and parts we produced is within 60 feet of you at this very second. Is your team our next world-class client? Contact us right now.

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