Micro Electronic circuit board representing the micro molding market segment.


Micro Electronics


Accumold has 30 years experience working with OEMs that require complex micro-sized electronic components and connectors.

  • Complex Housings
  • Sensor Packaging
  • Leadframe
  • High-Volume Manufacturing
A research doctor in a lab representing medical micro molding market capabilities.


Medical Micro Molding


Micro molding is the solution used by many medical device OEMs to achieve the precision required by their products or applications.

  • Class 7 & 8 Manufacturing
  • ISO 13485 Certified
  • PEEK Invibo® Projects
  • Automated Packaging
A micro optic lens array representing high precision micro molding expertise.


Micro Polymer Optics


Micro manufacturing is pushing the boundary of what is possible in the area of micro-optic component manufacturing.

  • Multi Lens Arrays
  • Ø 250µm Lenses & Diffractives
  • Ultem®, PMMA, PC
  • Extreme Tolerancing
A man looks at his smart watch which is showing a prompt to make a small payment. This image represents Accumold's support for emerging markets like wearables.


Emerging Technologies


Accumold has experience with emerging technologies such as components for smart devices or wearables, which is driven by weight, cost, and high-precision.

  • Complex Connectors
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Sensor Optics
  • Thin-Wall Molding
A car in motion representing that micro molding drives automotive electronics.


Automotive Electronics


The automotive industry is a driving force when it comes to innovation and development of micro-systems, with demand for high volume production.

  • Sensor Housings
  • Automotive Illumination
  • ABS & other High-Temp Materials