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Accumold micro molding specializes in producing extraordinarily small plastic parts that require extreme precision. And we've been doing it since 1985. The micro molded parts we manufacture are commonly measured in microns. We also produce small-size parts with micro features, mold in and around existing components, and create components using intricate lead frames or inserts. We devote these specialized capabilities to every order—delivering our services with important extras:

  • Consistent, repeatable production quality
  • Scalable volumes, from prototypes to millions—or billions—of parts
  • Efficiencies that lead to affordable pricing
  • Decades of experience and expertise
  • Unparalleled industry longevity

Design Guidelines

We stand alone when it comes to extremely tight tolerances and small micron sized features. Our design guideline page is updated often as our technology continues to advance.

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Micro Mold ® Parts

Micro Molding – The science of small parts
Micro molding is the essence of what we do at Accumold. We started our company on this exacting manufacturing process and it remains at the heart of our operation today. Parts made with our Micro MoId® process range in size from just microns to a half inch. These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances—with no margin for error.

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Small Mold Parts

Small Part Molding: Precision on a slightly larger scale

Small parts are slightly larger than micromolded parts: from a half inch to about 3 inches in diameter and made from a one-ounce shot of material- Even so, they require the same degree of precision and quality during production. Many have micron tolerances, and they can have micro-sized features measured in microns. Accumold can make in-house modifications to our presses from 12 ton to 35 tons, producing small parts with minimal waste and fast cycle times.

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Lead Frame / Insert

Lead Frame I Insert Molded Parts: Specialized molding capabilities

Accumold can mold plastic on and around all different types of metals, plastics, fabrics, foils, devices, etc. Some of these processes produce complete parts, while others are ready for further processing by our customers or their agents. In many cases, high-speed handling can be added to these processes to save resources.

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