Aaron Johnson on The Robot Industry Podcast

Our own Vice President of Customer Strategy, Aaron Johnson, was invited onto the The Robot Industry Podcast to discuss the invention of micro molding and the demand for micro plastics. Show host Jim Beretta asked what actually classifies as micro … Continued

The micro mold brings miniaturization to MedTech

Micro mold technology creates injection molded components that observe micron tolerances and incredible levels of detail. Due to the miniaturization of medical devices, this technology has become the lynchpin for medtech’s most incredible medical breakthroughs. Medical devices, including both surgical … Continued

Micro Molding: The toolroom perspective & DfMM

Jeremy St. Peter There is a world of difference between how a product looks on a computer screen and reality. At the beginning of the design stage of product development, it is vital to give due consideration to the scale … Continued

How To Avoid Supply Chain Disruption

Tom Murphy The COVID-19 pandemic crippled the global supply chain delaying critical medical supplies, and even your favorite toilet paper. But Accumold was relatively unaffected, escaping the fate so many other companies suffered from. This wasn’t by accident, and we’re … Continued

How Accumold Keeps Its Edge

Mark Schilling The continuous process improvement (CPI) program is designed to involve all employees in the never-ending process to push Accumold to be better in all aspects of our business.  Any ideas to improve quality, safety, or productivity, no matter … Continued

Even micro flaws can become a big deal.

Brian Daniels Standard deviation exists in every single project. The two by fours framing out your new kitchen all vary in length to a small degree. It is minuscule (hopefully) but it is present. The same is true in manufacturing. … Continued

High-Flow Resin Challenges For Injection Molding

Tom Murphy When designing a new device, component, or complex injection-molded part, world-class OEM engineers and rookies alike come to the same choke point when selecting the perfect micro mold material. Your instinct may be to opt for a familiar … Continued

Accumold VS Offshore Molders

Paul Runyan Outsourcing production and component manufacturing to other countries, like China, is a go-to option as OEMs consider lowering costs and increasing margins. So when the topic of Accumold vs. Offshore molders comes up, engineers want to know the … Continued

How Does Accumold Compare With Domestic Molders?

Jeremy Klisares If you’re not already familiar, Accumold’s core technology is injection molding on a micro-scale. We specialize in medical, optics, and even wearable technologies but we do get one question from time to time. How does Accumold compare with … Continued