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Examples & Classification

Our expertise is in molding extremely small extremely tight tolerance molding is vast but can be generally broken up into three major categories. Micro mold, small mold and lead frame.

Specialty Capabilities

Our processes don’t stop with microscopic molding. We can simultaneously shoot two plastics into the same mold (2 shot), suspend surgical needles, and create micro structures.

In-House Processes

When microns are important, full control over the design, build and molding processes are critically important. This is why we are a fully integrated in-house system.

Quality & Service

Home grown, friendly, outstanding Iowa customer service is what you get at Accumold. Quality assurance is imperative in any micro molding operation.

Innovative Technology

The exacting processes required in micro molding cannot be achieved through hardware alone. A good press is only as good as the technology that comes before.

Material Selection

Micro molding often involves exotic or highly engineered compounds called thermoplastic resins. Accumold is accustomed to working with materials.

Automotive Electronics

The automotive industry is a driving force when it comes to innovation and development of micro-systems, with demand for high volume production.

Emerging Tech

Our emerging technology experience is in components for smart devices or wearables, which is driven by weight, cost, and high-precision.

Polymer Optics

Micro manufacturing is pushing the boundary of what is possible in the area of micro-optic component manufacturing.


Micro molding is the solution used by many medical device OEMs to achieve the precision required by their products or applications.

Micro Electronics

Accumold has 30 years experience working with OEMs that require complex micro-sized electronic components and connectors.