Micro Mold®

Accumold Micro Molding
Micro molding capabilities are the essence of what we do at Accumold. We started our company on this exacting manufacturing process and it remains at the heart of our operation today.

Parts made with our Micro Mold® process range in size from just microns to a half inch (13 mm). These components often have complex geometry and very tight tolerances—with no margin for error.

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Small Part Molding

Accumold Small Part MoldingSmall parts are slightly larger than micro molded parts: from a half inch to about 3 1/2 inches (9 cm) in diameter and made from a one-ounce shot of material. Even so, they require the same degree of precision and quality during production. Many have micron tolerances, and they can have micro-sized features measured in microns.

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Lead Frame / Insert Molded Parts

Accumold Lead Frame Insert MoldingAccumold can mold plastic on and around all different types of metals, plastics, fabrics, foils, devices, etc. Some of these processes produce complete parts, while others are ready for further processing by our customers or their contract manufacturers. In many cases, high-speed handling can be added to these processes to save resources.

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Accumold Specialty Processes

Specialty Processes

In addition to basic micro molding Accumold is experienced with all sorts of specialty processes like 2-shot micro molding, micro structures or laser direct structuring (3D-MID). These creative technologies are a perfect compliment to micro molding especially when you’re looking to consolidate components or looking to drive down the size, weight or cost.

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In House Tooling & Mold Build

In-House Tooling

Control of the mold design and build process is essential to the success of any micro molded project. Accumold has in-house tool design, build, and maintenance resources that operate around the clock. These in-house resources also play a critical role in process validation, product changes and ongoing preventive maintenance programs.

The probability for successful outcomes increases dramatically when the responsibility for project and production planning, time line, and execution are controlled within a single entity.

Accumold In-House Production Facilities

In-House Production

In tandem with Accumold’s in-house tooling our world-class facilities are designed to produce. Accumold has more than 150 presses dedicated to small and micro molded production output. Operating 24/7 our production facilities are capable of scaling to meet our customer’s demands from prototype to millions a month.

Accumold’s Production team works closely with our tool build and maintenance teams to ensure high-quality parts, made-to-print and on-time.


Automation & Packaging

How parts are handled and packaged is as important as how they’re made. Accumold provides in-house custom automation and packaging including reel-to-reel packaging, light subassemblies, lead frame die forming and singulation, in-line inspection, or a wide variety of other custom secondary processes.

Accumold automates the process and carefully orients components within packaging. This not only protects the parts in shipment, it makes them readily accessible on the customer’s production line. This attention to detail completes the micro molding process — and sometimes can be the difference between project success and failure.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Home grown, friendly, outstanding Iowa customer service is what you get at Accumold. Quality assurance is imperative in any micro molding operation. The ability to prove that parts are made to spec — time and time again — is where true capabilities are tested. For Accumold, quality assurance begins at the start of each project. We perform design for manufacturability reviews to ensure the project is off on the right foot. Then, early in the production process, we scrutinize production quality and the robust nature of the process, and verify our plan for inspecting and measuring outcomes.

From there, we develop control plans that address critical features, FMEA results, and other quality requirements. We are able to use high-tech and low-tech measurements, and precision gage pins or high-resolution in-line vision systems as necessary. And, we use high magnification microscopic measurements to verify tool and finished part dimensions.

Proper product handling also is a necessary consideration in quality assurance. Surface contamination can be a nuisance — or a catastrophe — for delicate component features. For these types of parts, Accumold provides automation and clean room molding options.

Accumold’s operations are certified to 13485:2003, 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.

Accumold Innovation Technology

Innovation Technology

The exacting processes required in micro molding cannot be achieved through hardware alone. A good press is only as good as the technology that comes before it — and years it takes to master the processes. Accumold was started with an innovation and that spirit remains as a part of our DNA more than 30 years later. Because of our talented team of experts we’re capable of customizing our Micro-Mold® technology to meet our customer’s needs. It’s where our brain power meets steel to produce some of the most cutting-edge components our customer’s can design. See how you can challenge us!

Accumold Thermoplastic Processing Expertise

Thermoplastic Materials

Micro molding often involves exotic or highly engineered compounds called thermoplastic resins. Accumold is accustomed to working with materials such as PEEK, PEI (Ultem®), carbon-filled LCP, or glass-filled nylon. Soft durometer or elastomeric resins also are common. Our experience using these materials in micro molding maximizes the performance of the resin/part design combination.

Experience also tells us how to match up material selection to micro feature performance. When pushing the limits of molded plastic parts the material selection process often goes beyond the data sheet. Knowing what materials will work in any given situation is an invaluable part of our 30 year history molding thermoplastics in micro spaces.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

The quality of the finished component or assembly drives customer satisfaction. Accumold has been producing micro molded parts for more than three decades while meeting our customers‘ specifications and their expectations. Micro molding is where we started as a company, and today — having produced billions of these components — it continues to be our way of thinking, our way of doing, and our way of life.