Q & A With IDTechEx Speaker, Anthony Kongats of CAP-XX


The IDTechEx Show is this week in Berlin, featuring the very latest emerging technologies at one event. Anthony Kongats, CEO and Founder of CAP-XX will be presenting on IoT applications, small energy harvesters the future of low-power sensors. We got in touch with Mr. Kongats to ask a few questions and get an idea of what his talk will be about.


Q&A With Anthony Kongats, CEO of CAP-XX

Is the future of IoT sensors and devices a continuous supply of multiple low energy harvesting technologies rather than one giant centralized battery that must be recharged?

Absolutely. More and more sensors will be processing data on “the edge” and will need independent energy and supply. And by the way, batteries are too unreliable and costly for many IoT sensors.


Is inefficient energy use the biggest barrier to energy freedom for sensors and devices?

If you mean how efficient are the electronic circuits controlling the sensors then the answer is pretty efficient. The problem is the inefficiency of the energy harvesting modules today in converting non-electrical energy like solar, vibration and RF into electrical energy. And the inefficiency of batteries in storing that energy over many cycles and a long time.


To properly balance energy generation and energy consumption all in a light thin package or sensor, will OEMs have to work more closely with their enabling technology providers and suppliers?

Yes. In order to continually reduce the size of the sensor, we need to consider how more of the technology can be incorporated into one package without any overheads from the various components packaging.



Anthony Kongats - CAP-XX

Anthony Kongats – CAP-XX

Anthony Kongats is CEO and Founder of CAP-XX Ltd. Mr Kongats has been in the electronics component industry since 1991. Before that he worked for McKinsey & Co. Inc. He holds a B.Eng (Hons), B.Sc, and MBA.



CAP-XX develops, manufactures and sells thin prismatic high-power supercapacitors with high power and energy density for use in space-constrained electronic devices. The company was established in 1997 and was listed on the London AIM Stock Exchange in 2006.

In addition, to high-power prismatic supercapacitors, CAP-XX has also developed large supercapacitor cells for automotive and grid storage applications.

The company claims supercapacitors resolve the performance limitations of batteries and other current-limited power supplies and provide backup power if the primary power source fails.


IDTechEx Show

Don’t miss Anthony Kongats presentation. More information can be learned right here. IDTechEx is April 10-11, 2019 in Berlin.

Accumold will be available at booth Stand I14. We love to talk tech, IoT, sensors and of course, micro molding. Say hi to our VP of Marketing and Customer Strategy, Aaron Johnson who will be on site.

micromolding components next to EU coins.

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