Consumers want more functionality, more speed and most importantly, more data in tighter, lighter packages and because Accumold has obsessed over smaller, lighter and tighter thermoplastic component design, the demand for our particular expertise in micro molding has exploded in the sensors space.

Sensor design whether it be wearables, medical, optical, power, IoT, has become smaller and more demanding. Not to mention, data collection metrics in measurement, detection, proximity, etc. are facing demands of increased demands on accuracy. It’s not enough that 21st-century tech must detect and measure, but they must be more accurate than even sophisticated tools in elite research institutions.

Sensors Expo San Jose
Accumold at Sensors Expo in San Jose

Experience In Sensors

This is primarily why Accumold will be making an appearance at the Sensors Expo in San Jose, California. For over thirty years, the expo has established itself as the USA’s elite event centered exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

Attendees will discover the best in the sensors field with new and creative ways to spark their pending sensor solutions. The extensive educational program will also collect thousands of engineering professionals all in the same place. Many companies feeling consumer pressure to go smaller than before are heading to this very event to learn what gaps exist in their process, and most importantly to know what they don’t know.

For years, Accumold has turned around unthinkable projects and turned heads in our expertise at consistent, and rapidly scalable, microscopic thermoplastic component manufacturing. Many of the conference attendees we expect to meet will likely be excited to see what we’re packing. The most common remark, even from world-class molders, is “oh, I didn’t know you could do that with plastic.” In fact, many of our customers are world-class molders themselves.

Accumold Sensors Expo San Jose
Sensors Expo Entrance San Jose

How To Find Us

Look us up if you’re in San Jose on June 26-28 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. We are at Booth #1418 and we’d love to show you components smaller than an ant head and creations you never thought possible.

Micro Molding, What Is It?

We do micro like no one else. To find out what truly defines micro molding, visit our What Is Micro Molding? page.