Our DFM engineers are the unsung heroes of Accumold. For them, solving extremely complex high volume micro molding tasks are a way of life. One such challenge is locking features on complex micro molded components and that’s the subject of Devin VanDenBroeke’s latest piece in Design News.


Background On Devin VanDenBroeke

Devin VanDenBroeke, DFM Engineer at Accumold
Devin VanDenBroeke, DFM Engineer at Accumold

Devin VanDenBroeke is the Engineering Manager here at Accumold. VanDenBroeke is an accomplished Project Engineer but has also spent time in Sales and as part of the Technology & Quoting teams during his 9 years at Accumold.

Today he manages the Project Engineers, supports new business and interfaces with customers. Prior to Accumold Devin was a New Product Development Engineer at Electrolux. Devin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University.


Piece Teaser: Don’t Ignore Locking Features in Design for Manufacturability

Locking features are crucial when working in micro scales with micron tolerances. Considering them in advance saves you time, money and quite possibly the entire project.

Locking features are essential when looking to over-mold or insert-mold complex components. It’s easy to forget and can cause a lot of rework if not caught in the beginning of the process. Because of the unique design considerations around micro, many engineers do not realize the importance of this consideration and how it changes the manufacturability and robustness of a component’s design.

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Questions on micro mold locking features?

Accumold has been micro molding components since 1985. Even today many OEMs are not aware of how incredibly small we can micro mold components. If you need micro molding advice, someone (maybe even Devin) is ready to help you right now. Get in touch!