Do You Micro Mold At A High Volume?

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True high volume micro molding requires specialized micro injection molding technology designed to produce a component consistently by the millions without deviation, a large staff of operators, a 24/7 facility and decades of experience that can accurately determine in advance how a mold will hold up to start.

High Volume Micro Molding At Its Finest

Technology aside, high volume micro molding requires a facility size that can scale from a small quantity to a large quantity rapidly as consumer demand increases. E-Commerce and consumer communication has revolutionized how consumers purchase and long lead times to scale are no longer acceptable.

This is why Accumold is the perfect choice for companies that require the ability to produce components into the millions, in a short amount of time without breaking a sweat. Our size combined with our micro mold platform and large 130,000 sqft. facility permits us to quickly scale up from prototype to millions of units per month while keeping perfect consistency in part quality. There should never be the slightest deviation from the first production component to the final production component.

Accumold Produces Micro Molded Parts In High Volumes
High Volume Micro Molding requires high volume operations.

Our ability to sustain high volume micro molding has been remarkably helpful for many of our customers who operate in high-velocity market spaces. We have been and continue to be these companies key partner, helping them reach more consumers at a faster rate. Our customers are often surprised when they request dramatically increased volume and we easily meet their request. In some cases, we have produced orders so quickly, we had to delay shipping so our customers could catch up!

Speed to market is especially critical for fast-paced industries like micro electronics and other consumer-oriented focuses. In many cases, the ability to scale may determine the overall success of a product line or the future of the company that makes it.

Let us help you scale.