Micro Molding is a specialty craft, which is why even the worlds best engineers need DFM engineering help for micro molding and projects requiring microscopic precision of parts and components. Luckily, the best engineers in the market can all be found in one location.

An Accumold expert provides DFM engineering help for micro molding
An Accumold expert provides DFM engineering help for micro molding

DFM engineering help for micro molding

We are asked often for DFM engineering help for micro molding projects and we are always eager to give you our full attention and help from our many years of experience in the industry. We are in the business of producing the critical thermoplastic components for the most difficult and demanding projects in the world, and those projects are often successful because of the experience we give to our customers.

How Do Your DFM engineers help?

World class engineering teams create a 3D model and print and provide that model to our DFM engineering team for review. Because DFM engineering help for micro molding comes in various forms it’s always preferred to start with your ideal design. Our DFM engineers then determine the most efficient and robust way to micro mold the part in a way that ensures rapid part replication without sacrificing quality or critical tolerances of your part design.

There are many opportunities for our engineers to help you in this process and consult on gate locations or ejector pin locations and explain how to refine manufacturability to be more consistent in quality. Our customer’s projects are most successful when our engineers are often brought in early to provide expertise and coaching to ensure all your goals are met, no matter how difficult they may be.

In many cases, bringing our world-class molders and engineers into your discussion early can save you additional time and resources re-designing your component or the entire device itself. Check out an article on this topic one of our engineers wrote in Design World Magazine.

Do you need some DFM expertise on your new project? Let’s have a look — Submit your design today.