Scott Byal Article For Design World’s “Make Parts Fast”


Senior Project Engineer, Scott Byal gets quite a few questions and is constantly solving problems for our clients. One specific question revolves around gate placement, gate drag and how simple things can derail large multi-million dollar projects.

Scott Byal of Accumold

Scott Byal, Senior Project Engineer at Accumold

Injection molding enters a whole new world when done at the micro-level. We tell our customers, some of the largest tech companies in the world, that micro molding is equal part art form as it is a manufacturing process.

Byal recently wrote a piece published in Design World’s niche publication Make Parts Fast on the challenges that come from gate design and gate drag.


Tips on working with gates in micro-molded parts

As technology shrinks, previously overlooked aspects of injection molded parts are causing significant challenges and problems. With larger injection molded parts, the gate, where polymer enters the mold cavity, only represents a small percentage of surface area. In micro-molding however, the gate becomes a part feature, whether you like it or not. There’s a simple fix…

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stepped relief gate

Stepped relief gate design for micro mold project

What Is Make Parts Fast?

According to the Make Parts Fast website, the online resource provides design engineers and product designers with a balanced editorial approach addressing key issues, best practices, and material selection. Their focus is on additive, subtractive, reverse engineering, rapid injection molding, cnc prototyping, custom or hybrid parts, prototypes, and finished parts.

micromolding components next to EU coins.

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As parts go micro, gate placement becomes a challenge.

Scott Byal As technology miniaturizes, traditional design engineering aspects of injection molded parts are now causing problems. When looking at the micro mold gate, where polymer enters the mold cavity,…