As IoT and wearable technology heat up, the need for communication and collision of new ideas is growing. New industries and products are being created,  and there is a huge need for new solutions. One conference in Asia, appropriately named the Wearable Technology Conference, is fulfilling this need.

Singapore Skyline
Singapore Skyline

Accumold will be sending our CEO, Roger Hargens and VP of Customer Strategy, Aaron Johnson to the conference to contribute on August 30-31 in Singapore. We have participated at other WT Asia events in Europe and USA, but this conference will be our first.

It will be taking place alongside Medical Fair Asia at Marina Bay Sands, Manufacturing Processes for Medical Technology and the 2nd Medical Fair Asia Medicine + Sports conference. Participants will discover how wearables can help collect meaningful data for the healthcare industry, and better understand new fitness wearables and the latest enabling technologies.

Speakers include Dr. Ted Chang, CTO of Quanta Computer, Inc will discuss AIoT For Smarter eHealth, Hui Lee, Senior Director of Business Development of E Ink Corp. will expand on the Next Generation Transdermal Drug Delivery and their Smart Patch, Graham Rittener, Co-Founder of Zinc will be giving a talk, David Yeung, Co-Founder & CEO of Lionrock Batteries will educate participants on flexible batteries for smarter wearables, and our very own Aaron Johnson. He will discuss micro injection molding, enabling technology for the design and manufacture of wearable / micro devices.

Johnson, has been part of the customer strategy team at Accumold since 2005 and has presented numerous technical presentations on micro mold technology. He is a recognized authority in this space and has been published repeatedly in publications like Medical Plastics News, Design News, Commercial Micro Manufacturing, and many other highly-regarded industry trade publications.

Accumold has been working in the micro space since 1985, working heavily in medical and hearing aids, the original wearable. Their expertise is long-standing and will be highly beneficial to wearable technology innovators.


Photo Credit: William Cho