How fast can micro mold parts be created?

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What can you accomplish in two weeks? Send and return your dry cleaning? Get that report done for your boss? With a new customer, we built a tool and ran parts to spec, even a few of our own engineers thought might be impossible. To accomplish this turnaround on micro molding, our customer’s decisions and preparedness were key and easily repeatable by engineers like you. 

Initially, we quoted a six-week deadline for the project, but because the customer was late on their internal schedule due to a previous molder’s inability to achieve their design, they chose our expedited plan. But it was their responsiveness, communication, clear understanding of goals, previous micro mold education, and willingness to trust us, that drove this across the finish line. 

Responsiveness is key for rapid turnaround on micro molding

From the very beginning, their responsiveness and communication was textbook. Their paperwork was complete in our customer service and accounting departments in a mere four hours from when they received it. Throughout the project, our team was communicating between four to eight times per day over the phone and email.  

It was quickly apparent they had adjusted their internal schedules to ensure this project stayed in the fast lane. Even drawing and plan changes were almost immediately returned. While it’s great to budget the proper cash to accomplish goals, many forget to also budget the proper time. They budgeted time on their own head to meet those goals.  

Transparency and clarity 

At the very beginning, this customer understood the value of transparency and getting us as much information as possible. They clearly stated the end goal and purpose of the project, and quickly shipped us the sub-assembly components. This gave us a holistic view and were very open on what they valued in the project. To achieve a turnaround on micro molding projects, transparency up front is vital.

They were also crystal clear on their goals and expectations from the very start. They said their primary focus was speed and quality and were gracious in understanding costs would reflect their expedited timeline.  

Trust and autonomy from top to bottom 

Another aspect to this project the customer got right, was their willingness to be open minded and trust in us to be a true partner. Typically, there is a long “getting to know you period” where both parties walk on eggshells and are hesitant to be direct. This customer quickly dispensed with the pleasantries and immediately trusted we were just as committed to their goals as they were. They were forthright on what they didn’t know, and respectfully held the line on what they were sure about. 

The lead engineer had complete autonomy/authority to move forward and make both technical and financial decisions. This significantly reduced the turnaround on micro molding for their project. It seemed as though he was trusted to do his job by his superiors, which made it easier for him to trust us. In the cases, he did need to check with another teammate, he would get back to us in about 2 hours, demonstrating to us not only was he committed to the process but his team and company was behind him.  

Educated about micro molding 

The last thing that helped us complete this project in under two weeks was this customer’s education in micro molding. They obviously trusted us to be the experts, but they did their research and knew the process before meeting with us. This is why we keep an up-to-date micro mold insights page you’re reading. These are the kind of customers dreams are made of and we want your team, and your engineers to be as educated as possible, even before we collaborate with you.

So, what are you working on and what questions can we answer before you start your next micro mold project? When you consider turnaround on micro molding what timeline can you hit?

Fill in the form and we will get you the right resources ASAP, even before it’s time to pull the trigger.

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Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson is a sales engineer at Accumold covering the Southeast USA. He holds a Bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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