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Hot Tech Sensors Converge: Why OEMs need to think EEG

Sensors Converge took place in Santa Clara, CA this June. The event brings together premier sensor tech engineers, and thinkers. In this special “hot tech” section,

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Did COVID change engineer communications?

The world’s best engineers rely on fast, consistent, accurate communication. But what happens when a global pandemic forces everyone to work from home? How do

Fabrico 2.0

Advantages of additive manufacturing in micro-molding 

Historically, additive manufacturing (AM) wasn’t precise enough to be used in micro molding. That has changed. The Fabrica 2.0 precision micro-AM system from Nano Dimension

Hot Tech (MD&M West): EPRs in wearable medtech

MD&M West takes place annually in Anaheim. The event brings together premier MedTech engineers, and thinkers. In this special “hot tech” section, we highlight exciting research, people,


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Hot Tech: Notes on COVID’s impact on wearables

Hot Tech: OEMs need to think EEG

Hot Tech: EPRs in wearable Medtech

Hot Tech: Next-Gen Wearables

Hot Tech: Fabrication of platinum microstructures?

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