When thinking about niche high-tech manufacturing and critical components in medicine, optics, automotive, wearables and emerging technology no one really thinks about the massive IT operation that goes along with it. Inc Magazine had a few questions for our own IT Leader, Tysen Landmesser on how to manage such a large IT system in a global company.

Accumold has an EF5 Tornado Proof bunker and a very secure facility because we take our customer’s intellectual property very seriously. What does all that take in an era of constantly evolving technology? Here is a quote from the piece:

…whenever you consider a software purchase or upgrade, you should automatically review your hardware’s ability to meet the requirements set by the software vendor. However, they tend to be the bare minimum required for the software to function, says Tysen Landmesser, IT director at Accumold, a manufacturer of microscopic critical components. To ensure optimal performance, he usually specs hardware performance characteristics at least 50 percent better than the software vendor’s minimum requirements.

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