Q & A with Dr. Rajesh Menon on Ultra-Compact Nanophotonics Trends


Trends in optimization and fabrication of ultra-compact nanophotonics are going to a focus at OFC San Diego this year, March 3-7. Dr. Rajesh Menon from the University of Utah will be presenting, and we asked him to give us a sneak peek on his OFC San Diego presentation (The Optical Networking and Communication Conference.)

OFC San Diego has been growing for 40 years and is the largest combined conference and expo for optical communications and networking experts in the world, including Menon. OFC is expansive including resources for optics professionals from research to marketplace, components, systems and networks. It also includes numerous tech workshops and education series. Attendees come from all over to bounce ideas off each other, teach and learn. The conference focuses on emerging technologies and offers peer-reviewed talks from 180 speakers from various fields and thought leaders. One such leader is Dr. Rajesh Menon.


Q&A With Dr. Rajesh Menon

What trends are you seeing in the optimization and fabrication of ultra-compact nanophotonics?

We have tremendous advancements in hardware and algorithms for numerical techniques. This coupled with the relative ubiquity of nanofabrication is allowing us to create devices that were previously thought impossible. Rather than relying on rule-based design methodologies, nanophotonics is maturing to a stage where computation is creating designs that are far more compact and far more functional and efficient. This is also raising important questions regarding the physics of light-matter interactions when the interaction geometries are extremely complex (and aperiodic). Most importantly, how do we gain intuition into such computer-generated designs, which will allow us to not only get even better devices but also conceive of devices that dont exist. There are very exciting trends in programmable nanophotonics, quantum nanophotonics and what I refer to as information-theory of nanophotonics.

Rajesh Menon to present at OFC San Diego

Rajesh Menon, University of Utah

What should OEMs be preparing for, or changing in their processes to be ready?

I think we are researchers need to try harder to match CMOS processes because of their volumes and cost-effectiveness and existing capital. Nevertheless, it is clear that new materials and processes will be required as devices become more complex in the future. It would really help if the foundries and OEMs are able to work closely with researchers to push these boundaries as fabrication intimately affects performance in these devices.


Learn More About Dr. Rajesh Menon

Dr. Rajesh Menon. He received S.M. and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. is an expert in the fields of nanofabrication, computation and optical engineering. His work impacts a wide array of fields including super-resolution lithography, broadband diffractive optics, integrated photonics, metamaterials, photovoltaics and computational optics.

His research has been featured over 100 publications and is responsible for over 40 patents. He is also a fellow of the Optical Society of America, and Senior Member of the IEEE and the SPIE. Also worth noting, he holds the NASA Early Stage Innovations Award, and presently directs the Laboratory for Optical Nanotechnologies at the University of Utah.

Learn more about Dr. Rajesh Menon and work here.


Stop By And See Accumold at OFC San Diego

Accumold will be available to discuss micro molding and have production samples available at OFC San Diego. Please stop by booth # 6210 to say hi. If you can’t make it, or have a question you want answered right now, get in touch right away.


Photo Credit: The Menon Group

micromolding components next to EU coins.

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