Additional Processes

Not every mold is straightforward. Accumold’s capabilities are limitless because we ask our customers to push us- daily, we define what “possible” will mean tomorrow.


Example of Micro Structure Enhancements (MSE Micro Molding) features to 1/2 micron.

Micro Structure Enhancements

Accumold combines small and micro-sized parts with the ability to mold micro structures on the surface of the part. These features can measure under one micro in size and are used in a wide variety of applications like diffractive optics, micro-fluidics or micro lenses.


2-Shot micro molding next to a pencil.

2-Shot Micro Molding

In micro molding, two different plastic materials are shot in sync during a single operation. Our customers use this type of micro molding process to lessen the amount of labor required, create a more robust part configuration, or increase cost savings. This process also is capable of handling other applications, such as cosmetics or touch-and-feel applications.


Micro molded PEEK parts, some with glass overmolding, next to a push pin to show scale.

Insert Micro Molding

Insert micro molding encapsulates a wide variety of materials such as metal, glass, fabrics, flex-circuits and other delicate media. These parts, similar to those created with 2-shot molding, not only reduce handling and assembly they can solve critical issues in manufacturing.

An example of LDS / 3D-MID micro molding.

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) / 3D-MID

A complementary process to micro molding is Laser Direct Structuring or often referred to as 3D-MID. This selective plating process is a perfect fit with Accumold’s Micro Mold® technology. Inquire about partnering with Accumold for your micro molding part of this process.