Customers of OEM’s are no longer impressed by small devices, wafer-thin electronics and feather-light devices. They expect them. Not only are today’s medical devices expected to fulfill these expectations, but they are also expected to be minimally invasive and that’s the topic of one panel at MD&M West 2019 Anaheim.

This year the conference will highlight what representatives are calling disruptive design. Programming will emphasize new state-of-the-art materials, 3D printing, robotics, and automation. Speakers representing OEMs like Edwards Lifesciences, Galen Robotics, Merck, and Corinnova will be present as well.

Miniaturization & Drug Delivery at MD&M West 2019 Anaheim

Miniaturization is making medicine is allowing OEMs to fit more into less and also enhancing drug delivery and creating less invasive medical technologies, increasing patient comfort and decreases recovery time. Dr. Murty Vyakarnam, PhD will be giving a talk on rapid developments in this space.

Vyakarnam will focus on recent advances in miniaturized implants and drug delivery technologies to treat medical conditions including diabetes, tumors, and glaucoma. He will be presenting the challenges and barriers in treating these conditions as well.

Dr. Vyakarnam is the founder Vytal Group and an innovator in medical devices, drug-device products and biomaterials. He was the former head of Global R&D – Medical Devices and Pharma Solutions for Lubrizol Lifesciences and was at Johnson & Johnson for 17 years. Vyakarnam also has 35 US issued patents and won Johnson & Johnson’s Philip B. Hofmann Award for Scientific Excellence.

You can register for his discussion here.


Electronics Trends Pushing Med-Tech

Breakthroughs in med-tech don’t often happen in isolation but are made possible through enabling technologies, like micro molding for example. Developing small, complex devices is only made more challenging by battery requirements, and the need for flexible components and advanced componentry. One panel at MD&M West 2019 Anaheim will be focusing on this topic specifically.

The panelists include Anthony Ng, Senior Engineering Manager in Diabetes R&D at Medtronic; John Rondoni, VP of Product Development at Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.; Chris Zobkiw, Director of Electrical Engineering at Cirtec Medical and Lee Hartley, PhD, CTO at Nalu Medical.

Collectively they will do a deep dive into portable, wearable and implantable med-tech trends, overcoming design and manufacturing challenges, and why selecting proper service providers is key.

You can register for his discussion here.


Micro Molding Provider

Obviously, you don’t need to look farther than us for your micro molding provider, which is why we will be coming to MD&M West 2019 Anaheim at booth #2852. We will have samples on hand and we are making our team available to answer your most difficult questions.

If you can’t wait for the show, go ahead and reach out to us now.


Photo Credit: Jordan Wozniak j_wozy [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons