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The Accumold Story

Accumold® begon, net als veel goede start ups, in een gehuurde garage. Onze oprichters ontdekten dat er een toenemende behoefte was om kleine en micro-mold onderdelen te vervaardigen die ver boven de beschikbare moldingsystemen uitsteeg van die tijd…

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  • MD&M West Brings New Tech and Prolific Voices

    The annual MD&M West trade show and conference always bring the most cutting edge technology to the forefront. It also...

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  • SPIE Photonics West: Q&A with Adam Wax of Lumedica

    OCT technology seems to have a promising future, but not just in the clinic or hospital. Due to dropping costs,...

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  • SPIE Photonics West: Q&A with Ryan Shelton of PhotoniCare

    Medical technology companies are empowering consumers to better grasp their own health by bringing technology closer to the consumer via...

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Faciliteiten die voldoen aan uw eisen en onze normen. Alle gereedschappen, matrijzen, verpakkingen en metrologieprocessen worden voltooid op onze 15-hectare campus in de buurt van Des Moines, Iowa…

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Download all our latest resources inclduding the latest micro molding design guidelines, data, whitepapers, micro molding definitions, terminology and white papers.

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