MD&M West is the largest medical technology conference on the west coast, held every year at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The event is organized by Informa Markets and draws the medical technology industries most respected leaders, providing growth, and educational opportunities.


What is MD&M West?

Med-tech is quickly becoming smaller and lighter, meaning electronics packages have little room to spare. Part tolerances are remarkably tight, and there is no room for excess. Because Accumold is the worlds largest microscopic injection molding manufacturer, we make it our top priority to attend MD&M West annually, providing our expertise to the medical technology industry.

MD&M West Anaheim Conference Center
MD&M West Anaheim Conference Center

We also attend MD&M West is to calm the fears of OEM engineers and designers responsible for today’s most sophisticated med-tech designs. One great challenge they encounter is the eternal struggle to find partners who can actually execute on their designs. One major reason ambitious projects fail in med tech is that some aren’t aware of our expertise, believing their part tolerances or complexity were too difficult and not possible. Lending our expertise to MD&M West attendees helps guarantee the best engineers know they have a partner for their most difficult projects.


Who Is Accumold In The World of Med-Tech Manufacturing?

Accumold is the distinguished world leader in not just med-tech micro molding, but also optics, emerging tech, and microelectronics micro molding. We work alongside the biggest and most respected OEMs in the world.

Our DFM engineers have provided breakthrough insight into the most covet-worthy tech companies are competitors only dream about. You’ll never figure out who those clients are, however. Their projects are tightly guarded by an in-house team dedicated to keeping their intellectual property safe and away from prying eyes. Foreign and domestic.

As a matter of fact, there’s an 80% probability, one of the critical components we molded is within 60 feet of you at this very second. Does your team need the edge that only the worlds best micro molder can provide? Contact us right now.

Curious to know more about MD&M West? Informa Markets official event website can be found here. Acumold also makes the annual trek to MD&M East as well.