The DMACC AMP Fair was a huge success. We are constantly on the lookout for future talent throughout our state and community. Our team has discovered there is no student too young that can’t get excited about building the devices of the future. On April 6th, Accumold joined the Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Ankney Campus to participate in their Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) Fair.

Our own tool & die-diva, Mandy Ounlokham and a first-year student of our Accumold Scholars program, Ben Bombela represented Accumold at the inaugural DMACC AMP Fair. DMACC AMP - Achieving Maximum Potential 4

“This event especially touched our hearts, simply in the manner of how eager and sweet the kids were. All of the kids were genuinely interested in DMACC and different scholarship opportunities.” Ounlokham said. “In having an older group of kids, there were a lot of questions about how some of our projects and plastic parts, from the parts tray, were made.” But their interest didn’t stop so quickly.

“They were thinking about procedures for machining, and asking how they can succeed in interviews for scholarships at Accumold.”


Accumold’s booth at the DMACC AMP Fair displayed a number of sample parts that were all manufactured within our state of the art manufacturing facility. Ounlokham and Bombela informed the kids about the Accumold Scholars program and gave them insights by explaining questions that are asked at the scholar interviews. The students were also able to experience Tool and Die projects and learn about high demand jobs in this field. Our team made themselves available to set up a tour at Accumold and informed them on how to get assistance to sign up for classes as well.

DMACC AMP Achieving Maximum Potential 5Every student that came to the booth was able to take an Accumold scholar card, and just for fun, win a DMACC prize. The students were very engaged and eager to learn. Obviously, students asked about which classes were best to take to prepare them for a career like Accumold, but what was the most popular question?

It’s a question our competitors have been asking for decades and the question that only Accumold employees know the answer to. “How do you make such microscopic parts?”