How To Prevent Common Micro Mold Design Mistakes


As world leaders in high volume micro molding technology and process, we see a wide range of incredible ideas, next-generation technology, and sophisticated thermoplastic part designs. We also see quite a few challenges, and areas for improvement, frequently collaborating on the final component design. One of our engineers, Gregory Peterson provides his insight.


Microscopic Molded Components

Microscopic Molded Components by Accumold

Our customers have come to discover our expertise in all thermoplastics and micro mold materials. We know the wide-ranging characteristics plastic will exhibit when subjected to various pressure, size, angle, fill, heat and micro tolerance requirements.


Who Is Gregory Peterson?

Our own engineer, Gregory Peterson “Pete” has solved some of the most difficult challenges in microscopic component design by coaching our customer’s design teams, helping them refine their designs into something that not only satisfies their requirements but greatly exceeds their expectations.

This is the subject of his new feature article in the June issue of Design World. Here’s an expert from the opening paragraph.


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Gregory Peterson of Accumold

Gregory Peterson

Gregory Peterson: As medical and wearable devices become much smaller and lighter than anyone could have previously imagined, a new breed of engineers and designers are turning their focus to ultra-small thermoplastic component design. In this shift however, a pattern has emerged where micron tolerance considerations are presenting some common mistakes.

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What Is Micro Molding?

Being world leaders means we get a lot of questions. Gregory Peterson is pretty great, but he isn’t the only mad-genius here. To continue traveling down the rabbit hole, it’s important to first answer what is micro molding?

micromolding components next to EU coins.

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