DES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad announced Thursday that he has appointed Accumold President and Chief Executive Officer Roger Hargens to the Iowa Partnership on Economic Progress.

“I’m humbled by Governor Branstad’s continued confidence in me and very honored to have an opportunity to give back to the state that has been so good to Accumold, my family and me for so many years,” Hargens said.

The Iowa Partnership for Economic Progress (IPEP) is an advisory board created for the purpose of developing a strategic vision for economic development, private-sector job creation, increasing the incomes of Iowa families and enlarging Iowa’s gross state product.

The 15-members of the IPEP board are appointed by the governor and include four ex-officio members, the chairs of the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board and the Iowa Innovation Corporation Board, the director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the governor.

Hargens recently completed a term on the Iowa Innovation Council. Its purpose is to advise state officials on the development and implementation of public policies that enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in targeted industries with a focus on the information technology and skills that will dominate the 21st Century economy. Hargens was one of seven representatives of targeted industries. Other council members include 13 individuals who serve on the council’s technology commercialization committee, four legislators as ex-officio members, the presidents of the state’s three public universities or their designees, two community college presidents and several appointed state officials.

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