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You can’t just buy micro injection molds off the shelf, they are produced through an extremely high precision process in a tool and die department, refined over decades of research and experience. While there are companies that will sell you small molds or extra small molds, you will not find true micro injection molds for sale, and there’s a specific reason why.

It's not just about the mold

Accumold's tool room
Accumold’s tool room designs true micro injection molds

When world-class engineers (and even world-class molders) see how small Accumold produces micro injected thermoplastic components and parts, we are often asked if our tool room will build a micro injection mold even if we don’t produce the part. At this time we don’t offer this service, but the reasons for this actually make you more successful.


First, our process has been refined and improved over our decades of existence and has been our strategic advantage.

The second reason is that even if we did sell our molds, the mold design is only a small part of the process. For the same reason selling a Steinway piano doesn’t create an overnight virtuoso, selling our micro injection molds won’t make you a global leading in micro molding. Our experience with thermoplastics, heat, pressure, gate, ejection, and our overall process are the reason we have remained a world leader in micro molding.

Add our longevity in the industry, plus our partnerships with some of the most advanced companies on the planet, and you have knowledge and experience that fuel our spirit of ground-breaking micro mold manufacturing.

Our tooling and engineering team responsible for our micro injection molds remain wholly dedicated to our production efforts and we are fortunate they stay extremely busy. We firmly believe when molding these tiny, critical components requires a tight connection between the tool room and production team.

This kind of collaboration is critical and we ensure our tool room remains dedicated to our full-time production needs. Our in-house tool room operates around-the-clock, especially because speed to market is essential for our clients. Are you ready for us to tackle your hot project? Submit an RFQ today.