Who Are Your Customers?

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It can be hard to locate the perfect precision micro molder for that difficult project you’re working on, and this is why the biggest technology companies in the world choose us. Because of our rapid growth and ability to scale with companies, we are often asked who our customers are and what they’re working on. The reason we can’t get into specifics, however, is the reason you want to use us for your next project.

A Precision Micro Molder for Global Technology Leaders

Accumold is a precision micro molder
The best technology companies depend on Accumold for micro molding

Finding precision micro molder that can actually meet or exceed your demands is an achievement in and of itself and make of our clients consider us their secret weapon. Because they have trusted us with their most critical components, often years before they are made public, we keep a very low profile when it comes to our client list. Whether it be a new communication device, a new consumer wearable, a medical device or even a state of the art automotive component, you simply won’t find any reference to them, their proprietary technology or even their staff
At any given time there is a high probability we made a critical component to something nearby. In fact, there’s a better than 80% chance we made something within 30 feet of you at this moment, but you’ll never know what it is. (Does that drive you nuts?)

How Careful Are We?

The world’s biggest technology companies depend on Accumold because of the sensitive intellectual property we deal with on a daily basis, we work extremely hard to protect our customer’s privacy. Every employee here signs an NDA and our entire facility is access controlled, even within individual rooms. We are constantly testing our own systems. Plus, we have many security measures in place you’ll never hear about, all to protect our customer’s hard work.

So, how about it? Would you like to use us as your secret weapon?