Do You Prototype For Micro Molding?

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Prototype and quality of components
Quality Department Helps Prototype For Micro Molding

Developing a prototype for micro molding requires making a full production tool from the tool and die department. Using the same molding technology that is used to build production tooling is imperative when working with small detail and micro tolerances. This process may seem excessive but it’s truly the only way to prototype correctly, observing the extremely tight tolerances and size necessary in micro molding.

Prototype For Micro Molding Process

Because our micro molding process can produce far higher detail than even the most recent 3D printers there is no other option to create an accurate prototype with many of the projects we are asked to produce. In addition, because success is determined by the rapid replication of tight tolerance parts in high volume, the only way to make a valid prototype that will withstand our ability to scale is to make sure the prototyping process mimics a full production output.

This is the best methods we have discovered that checks all our customer’s boxes and is essential in producing a quality production order. Obviously, we don’t produce millions of components without knowing if they will meet their project specifications, so we limit the initial prototype to a smaller volume of the ideal customer thermoplastic.

We work closely with our customers on their part design to produce a prototype mold that we know will accomplish what their goal without compromise. Our process is beneficial in proving the viability and robustness of a given design, while also providing insights for the full-scale production mold.

Customers of Accumold get the same quality as the final production part at the beginning of the process. We believe this is a very important part of the process because many of the projects we prototype are determined to be “critical components” in their research and development phase.

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