Our entire facility is located in the United States of America. We manufacture and ship critical components all over the world every day. In fact, over 60% of the thermoplastic components we make are shipped outside the USA.


Accumold is located in The United States of America
Accumold’s Headquarters in the United States of America

Due to the nature and size of what we do, however, we are able to maintain our inventive edge and efficient manufacturing process in a single location in the center of Iowa.


We house all production and all offices, including our executive offices in one location in Ankeny, Iowa. Ankeny is the northern neighbor of Iowa’s capital city, Des Moines.

Accumold's USA Headquarters
Accumold’s Grounds

Our single location means we have a huge advantage in protecting our client’s intellectual property and because our entire leadership team is very hands-on and is intimately familiar with what is happening in our tool rooms and multiple production rooms, quality is always top of mind.

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