Many companies require their manufacturing to be done within the United States of America. We can proudly say, our entire facility is located in one location and we execute micro molding in the United States of America. From one single location, we manufacture and ship critical components all over the world every day. In fact, over 60% of the thermoplastic components we make are shipped outside the USA.

Micro Molding In The United States of America (USA)

Accumold does micro molding in the United States of America
Accumold’s Headquarters in the United States of America

Due to the nature and size of what we do, however, we are able to maintain our innovation and efficient manufacturing process in a single location in the center of Iowa.

We have a highly-specialized technological advantage, which gives us an edge in the market, but the micro molding technology, core to our success would not be possible without the innovative spirit of our team. Hard-work comes to life at Accumold every day and is essential to our continued growth. That is our secret weapon. It certainly sounds cliché, but for us, it is our people — hard-working Iowans.

Our customers ask us frequently to do something that hasn’t been done before and our hard work doesn’t get done without the determination of Midwestern work ethic. Our team is constantly asking how we can improve, challenging the “way we’ve always done it” and that approach to problem-solving has been with us since our founding in 1985 and will continue with us along the way. This was the topic of discussion during Roger Hargens’ (CEO) interview with Bloomberg.

Accumold's United States of America HQ
Accumold’s Grounds

We even house production and all offices, including our executive offices in our single location, which gives us a strategic advantage as well. It’s common for our executive leadership to work hands-on with their departments or for our lead engineers to problem solve directly with our technicians in the mold room or engineers in the tool room. This collaboration is necessary for the demanding problems we are continually asked to solve and makes sure quality is always top of mind.

Micro molding in the United States of America from a single location also means we have a huge advantage in protecting our client’s intellectual property. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facility.