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Micro molding dimensions are complex and vary in size considerably, but micro molding is classified as anything under one square inch. When it comes to the smallest micro mold component ever produced, the smallest precision commercial component to date, (that can legally be shown) is roughly 800 µm (0.031”) x 300 µm (0.012”) x 380 µm (0.015”). The part is an LCP alignment spacer for a small photonics device, and we are able to produce 144,000 united out of a single ounce of resin.

Precision Micro Molded Parts by Accumold
Precision Micro Molded Parts by Accumold

The Full Breakdown On Micro Molding Dimensions

We are often inundated with questions on micro molding dimensions, and we love answering them. Here is an overview of the most common dimensional clarifications:

  • Thin-wall sections on micro molded parts we produce are near .004″ (0.1mm)
  • Feature aspect ratios are around 8:1 (material dependent).
  • Part volume is 0.005 in3 (0.08 cm3) or less.
  • Gate sizes can be as small as Ø 0.004” (Ø 0.1mm)
  • Ejector pins can be as small as Ø 0.010” (Ø 0.254mm).

Micro Molding Thin Wall Study

We often tell people how we can produce tighter tolerance parts and push limits. To better understand how we can exceed even the most difficult of customer’s demands, we administered a thin-wall study in-house. At the conclusion of the study we discovered we were able to produce a part with a 64:1 aspect ratio. Obviously, material selection and part geometry play critical roles when creating micro features and small tolerances, of which we are extremely knowledgeable – our engineers are many of our customer’s secret weapon.

Our DFM engineers know material selection can greatly affect the fill and definition of features, so it’s always important to bring us into your process earlier than later. We have made smaller parts, but because they are a customer’s intellectual property, we can’t expand in much detail.

Keep in mind these are general guidelines. It’s best to simply reach out to us and let us know what you’re working on so we can help. Are you ready to be impressed? Reach out today.