Monat: Februar 2020


W3+ Fair/Convention Features Voices In Hydrogen Energy

The W3+ Fair/Convention is taking place this week in Wetzlar, Germany, featuring more than 40 specialist speakers, including Airbus, Schunk and Bosch. The conference focuses on microtechnology, optical devices, and state of the art enabling technologies. We caught up with Till Wodraschka of Bosch Thermotechnik to ask about hydrogen energy applications and future use cases….

MD&M West Brings New Tech and Prolific Voices

The annual MD&M West trade show and conference always bring the most cutting edge technology to the forefront. It also brings the manufacturing and technology industries most prolific voices and minds to discuss the biggest challenges in the industry. Voices like Kristian Hulgard of OnRobot. Q&A With Kristian Hulgard, General Manager of OnRobot Kristian Hulgard…

SPIE Photonics West: Q&A with Ryan Shelton of PhotoniCare

Medical technology companies are empowering consumers to better grasp their own health by bringing technology closer to the consumer via cost reduction while increasing access and availability. As SPIE Photonics West begins, we caught up with Ryan Shelton, the CEO & Co-founder of PhotoniCare to get his perspective on what the future holds. Q&A with…

SPIE Photonics West: Q&A with Adam Wax of Lumedica

OCT technology seems to have a promising future, but not just in the clinic or hospital. Due to dropping costs, OCT technology quite possibly has a future for home care. As SPIE Photonics West begins, we caught up with Adam Wax, President of Lumedica to get his take on the future of this tech. Q&A…