How We Cultivate The Future Work Force


For Accumold to continue to grow in technical expertise and maintain our strategic edge, it is within our best interest to support students in our community. In order to strengthen our future workforce, companies can fear a lack of talent in the future, or simply choose to grow it themselves. This is why we continue to support students through various community programs like Waukee’s APEX program, high school events, various teacher education workshops and last week, Business Horizons.

Last week, we sent our communications department to provide hands-on support for students in the program. The Business Horizons (BH) program is an education program for high school students put on by the Association of Business and Industry in Iowa. Their mission is to foster a favorable climate within the State of Iowa so citizens have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Business Horizons is one strategic tool they are utilizing to accomplish that mission.

Future workforce students tour facility

Business Horizons students tour a manufacturing facility.

The BH Program aids the future workforce by providing a week-long competition that looks like a combination of Make 48 and Shark Tank. Students compete to develop new products, form business plans, and pitch their ideas to real-world investors.

They also compete in a week-long Management and Economic Simulation Exercise (MESE) that helps them grasp the many moving parts of business decisions.

The students were also able to benefit from numerous industry contacts, local business leaders, financial experts, and informed of scholarship offerings such as our own Accumold Scholars program. Our Accumold Scholars program, as highlighted by our CEO, Roger Hargens on Bloomberg, has proven to be a big talent acquisition tool.

Growing The Future Workforce

As we continue to see rapid growth, we are constantly developing new ideas and program to cultivate the future workforce in the community we operate in. If you think you’d be an outstanding fit, or know someone who would be, we are eager to meet. Apply here.

micromolding components next to EU coins.

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