A student details how the Accumold Scholars Program works.

Alyson Riesberg and Ronald Bair

The Accumold Scholars program is designed to fill Accumold’s critical talent pipeline by attracting high quality students. The program is specially designed in partnership with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), and students who enroll in the program receive college tuition reimbursement, and paid on-the-job training.

I sat down with Ronald Bair, a current Accumold Scholar to get a better 1st person understanding of their experience.

What is a day in the life of an Accumold Scholar?

The life of an Accumold Scholar is active. Both Bair and his wife work full time plus they are new parents as well. The day typically starts with class, then labs, and then he works on making tool and die plates for his degree. In the evening he goes home and works on math class work with his wife.

What made him choose the Tool and Die program, and subsequently, Accumold as a company?

Bair first started looking for careers around the Des Moines area, because that’s where he wanted to start a family. He looked into several options. One facility wasn’t clean, didn’t provide a great work environment, and provided no further education. Yet another company wasn’t the right fit, but when he found Accumold and the continuing education opportunity, he went after it.

Sometimes we make future career choices complicated, but Bair explains “when you have an opportunity to make yourself better, you should.” Simple!

Do you think Accumold’s college tuition reimbursement will help you advance your career more quickly?

The short term impact of the Accumold Scholars program and college tuition reimbursement is apparent. Bair receives his degree, and paid on-the-job training, but the value lasts even if life takes him elsewhere.

Even if Bair chooses to leave Accumold, he still has his degree, and that will continue to open opportunities in the future.

What would you say to individuals contemplating the Accumold Scholars program?

Bair says he truly enjoy tool & die. He is able to create something useful from raw materials and the art of creation is appealing. College tuition reimbursement combined with the Accumold Scholars program gave him the tools and experience to help him create.

Juggling school and work wasn’t as difficult as he first thought. Instructors are flexible and understand life is busy. His advice is simple “stay focused on what needs to be done today, and you’ll be fine.”

How has working at Accumold while attending school full time helped you in class?

There’s not just one way to machine things Bair explains. He noticed how the experts in the field provided more depth of experience and practical experience that doesn’t’ come from the classroom alone.

Accumold’s on-the-job training, and managers provided him with experience and gave him increased confidence he used in the classroom.

Last Thoughts?

Bair explains one appealing thing about Accumold was the cleanliness of the facility, temperature controlled facility, and professional attire worn by staff. He’s enjoyed growing at Accumold, and up next, he hopes to acquire his engineering degree keeping with his ethos, seizing opportunities to better himself.

The college tuition reimbursement and Accumold Scholars program is only the beginning.

Alyson Riesberg

Alyson Riesberg is a Human Resources Generalist for Accumold. She graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Business Administration and is SHRM certified.

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