For Canada’s high-tech professionals, this year’s Design & Manufacturing Canada trade show in Toronto is billed as that country’s largest resource for project acceleration. For the Accumold marketing team, it’s another international event to highlight the company’s exceptional technology and production processes.

“Design & Manufacturing Canada is different than most of the other events our marketing team has attended this year. Those conferences have been focused on particular themes, like the Society of Manufacturing Engineers conference in Chicago in April where there were a number of seminars on improved micro-manufacturing processes,” said Paul Runyan, Accumold vice president of marketing and sales. Toronto is a straight-up trade show. Canadian businesses that attend are looking for ways to boost their productive, improve their competitive edge and increase profits. A lot of those firms are going to find Accumold is the high-tech micro-molding partner who covers all those bases for them.”

Design & Manufacturing Canada runs from June 21-23 at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Since its inception in 1985, Accumold’s mission has been the production of super-micro, ultra-precision, plastic injection-molded parts. Parts manufactured by the firm are critical components of the medical, automotive, military, aerospace and telecommunications industries. They can be found in micro-electronics, cell phones, telecommunications, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, antennas, connectors and more. To produce those parts, Accumold builds specialized molding machines engineered to handle volumes from prototypes to millions per year while maintaining consistent, precise tolerances that are unique in the industry.

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