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Dedicated to micro since 1985

Micro molded components next to penny demonstrating micro molding capabilities.
Accumold micro molding since 1985.

Like many great start-ups, Accumold began operations in a rented garage. Our founders discovered there was a growing need to manufacture small and micro injection molded components that went well-beyond the available molding systems of the day. This discovery led to the invention of our first Micro-Mold® platform in 1985.

Since those early days, our focus has remained steadfast to the art and science of micro injection molding. In fact, Accumold is the only company that has been continuously dedicated to micro molding for over 30 years. We remain committed to serving high-tech industries that require high-volume, small, complex micro injection molded parts with high quality and fast turn-around.

Expertise to produce your most exacting parts

Accumold tool maker operating tool-scope to see micro mold tooling features.
Accumold Expert Tool Makers

Some large-injection molding companies purchase smaller molding machinery and then claim to offer micro molding processing. But a machine alone won’t deliver the precision your parts require.

An understanding of the physics, material science, and manufacturability in micro molding is every bit as important as the machines and instrumentation.

Accumold has been an expert in micro molding for more than three decades—and many of our professionals are with us their entire careers. We continue to add to our knowledge base with the brightest, most skilled technicians in the business. We have a long-standing relationship with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), which offers one of the finest educational and apprenticeship programs for toolmakers in the United States. Countless DMACC graduates bring their talents directly to Accumold.

Learn more about our Accumold Scholars program in partnership with the State of Iowa and DMACC.

Markets Served

  • Micro Electronics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Fiber/Micro-Optics
  • Medical
  • Emerging Technologies