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The micro mold brings miniaturization to MedTech

Micro mold technology creates injection molded components that observe micron tolerances and incredible levels of detail. Due to the miniaturization of medical devices, this technology

Micro Molding: The toolroom perspective & DfMM

There is a world of difference between how a product looks on a computer screen and reality. At the beginning of the design stage of

How To Avoid Supply Chain Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic crippled the global supply chain delaying critical medical supplies, and even your favorite toilet paper. But Accumold was relatively unaffected, escaping the


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A student details how the Accumold Scholars Program works.

As parts go micro, gate placement becomes a challenge.


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For the normal consumer, recycling is pretty easy—when you finish something that comes in a jar, bottle...


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As medical and wearable devices become much smaller and lighter than anyone could have previously imagined...