Month: June 2021


Micro Mold Optics Basics (Webinar Transcript)

The following is a transcript from micro mold optics engineer Rick Brown of Accumold, during a webinar presentation for My name is Rick Brown. I am the senior sales engineer for optical molding at Accumold. My background is in injection molding. I’ve been in the business for 47 years. I’ve been actively involved in…

micro optics fiber array

Environmental responsibility in manufacturing doesn’t end with recycling

As an extremely high volume micro molder for some of the worlds most impressive tech companies, we understand we have a big environmental responsibility in manufacturing. Even though a large amount of our customers require 100% virgin resin for their parts, the overwhelming majority of our manufacturing waste gets recycled for other uses. It’s not…

How we solved an impossible recycling problem.

A version of this article originally appeared in “Quartz” September 24, 2019. You can read the original here. For the consumer, recycling is easy. When you empty a jar, bottle, or any recyclable packaging, you rinse out the container and toss it in a bin—maybe you have to roll it to the curb once a…

Matt Iverson of Accumold stands beside a gaylord box of resin in the Accumold warehouse