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What is Micro Molding?
It relates to a part that is measured in microns and is no bigger than 0.5 cubic inches. Or, it can be a very small feature on a normal sized part. Micro-features include extremely thin walls, micro-fluid channels or holes. Both micro-parts and micro-features require very small tolerances, ranging from .001 inch or tighter. They also typically have complex geometries. Being able to manufacture these micromold parts consistently and repeatably in both prototype volumes and high production volumes (millions+ parts per year) at affordable prices is Accumold s strength.
These micro mold parts can be found in micro electronics, cell phones, telecommunications, surgical tools, hearing aids, medical devices, antennas, connectors and more. Packaging and shipping these tiny parts in lead frames and tape and reel for protection and high-speed handling are also Accumold s specialties.
There has been more interest these days about micromolding, insert micro molding, miniature parts. It has many different names, which has created some confusion. There have been countless articles in the trade magazines recently and the interest has created a whole new look for the injection molding industry. But what is micro-molding? Part size is one of the obvious elements of micromolding, but is it the only element? Or is it simply defined by the size of the injection press? What about precision, or does the part just have to be small? Unlike other injection molding companies, at Accumold we believe true micro-molding is much more than size or machine.

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Service Spotlight:

Accumold Services - Insert Micro Molding


Insert Micro Molding

Insert micro-molding molds a wide variety of materials such as metal and glass in, and around plastic parts. This image shows an example of advanced insert molding capabilities. These parts, similar to 2-shot molding, not only reduce handling and assembly, they can solve critical issues in manufacturing.

The image shows a fragile insert molded into a plastic frame. This part required the mold to be built in such a precise fashion so that the glass filter was not damaged during the molding the process, all while keeping the tight tolerances of both the filter and the frame.

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Get your FREE sample packet of Accumold micro-parts! See the fit, finish and micro-features for yourself. Who knows, maybe just sorting through some of these tiny parts will inspire your next design.

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